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Product List and Pricing

These prices are for estimates only.  Many of our prices for cards and art have dropped!

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Look further for examples of totally customized greeting cards,
as well as more holiday scenes that can be customized.

One Color
Note Cards 
smooth finish or textured

One Color Note cards
cost saving stock
useful for fundraisers.


Holiday Scenes- these cards can have minor customizations for a small fee.

Albion Design began creating custom cards in 1980, using line art by Maggie LaNoue. Over the years, we have created hundreds of drawings of homes, businesses and Michigan scenes. We began doing full color art more recently, often using the pen and ink work as a basis for a color scene. 

If you do not currently have art by Albion Design/Maggie LaNoue, you can use other art that you have, photographs, or commission a new scene featuring your business. See more information about Custom Corporate Cards.

Your cards are developed from art created by Albion Design. The original scene can be adapted from year to year.   Allow extra time for development of custom design.

If you send out thousands of holiday (or other) cards you can now have custom cards by Albion Design that cost no more than "generic" cards! Please note: additional information includes fees for custom art needed to create custom card and copyright information. 


Visit for full color holiday cards
customized with your business name!

Also Available:
Large Glossy Full Color Note Cards
Glossy Full Color Note Cards
One Color Note Cards
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