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Bay Waders
Bay Waders
Historic Harbor
Historic Harbor
Rustic Barn
Rustic Barn

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Nostalgic scenes, nature,skiing, boating, as well as Michigan Landmarks.

This art may be used in our custom cards without additional art fees.

Pricing: Many of our clients prefer to have us custom quote a job, so they can incorporate existing artwork, or additional colors of printing on the inside of the card, or to have cards scored but not printed so they can be run though your laser printer for custom messages, etc.

Check out the presentation by, our 15 most popular general card scenes.

Art by Albion Design is available for licensing at  You must log in.

Definitions and Terminology. Graphic design and printing terms. 

Questions and Answers. A collection of assorted questions and our answers. 

Art Fees: If you already have custom art of your business by Maggie LaNoue, there is no art charge with card orders (unless you have changes to the art, such as winterization, colorizing, etc.) Minimum fee for these changes is $150. No original artwork is included with updated art. See examples of winterization on the previous page. If you do not currently have art by Albion Design/Maggie LaNoue, you can use other art you have, photographs, or commission a new scene from Albion Design featuring your business.

Visit for many card scenes with no art charges, including Michigan landmarks, nostalgia, skiing, harbor scenes, nature and more. More holiday art will be online soon.

Original art setup fee -Ask about special rates on custom art for card orders over 10,000 cards. Card orders under 10,000 - new hand created art, $1,500.00, minimum. Ask us about our new quick art that is generated from your photographs.  After the card order is delivered, we will ship the framed original art to you at no additional charge. You will be able to review a rough sketch before the final art is created.

About our copyrights - Reproduction rights are reserved. Artwork by Maggie LaNoue or Albion Design is protected by U.S. Copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission from the artist. 

We guarantee our work.

Terms: Payment is progressive as the work is completed. Custom orders require 75% deposit with order, balance C.O.D. We will send you a proof of all card layouts and designs for your approval. Price of proof included unless otherwise indicated.

Delivery: Approximately four weeks after final approval of proof. Allow additional time for completion of new artwork or printing of full color cards.

Shipping - F.O.B. Albion Michigan, unless otherwise indicated.

Questions and Answers

Q. I will be needing some Christmas cards printed up with a specific card design with the company logo imprinted into the design. is that something you can do?
A.That is exactly what we do. We need to know the quantity first, (an estimate is OK) then we will recommend different paper choices. Please let us know your business name and location too. 

Q. What is a proof?
A. A proof is an example from the printer of what your new card will look like. Black and white cards get blue-line prints, color cards get match proofs or rainbow proofs. The paper on the proof does not match the paper the cards will be printed on. A proof needs to be approved by the customer and an approval signed before printing may proceed. Long before we create a proof, we develop initial concepts for the cards that are approved in each stage. 




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