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Falco Construction Holiday Greetings

Thank you for visiting our web site and learning about Falco Construction's commitment to quality work. We wish to take this moment to express our appreciation to you, our clients, and to all of those who make our work possible.

Please take a moment to view the gallery of holiday greetings at left, especially the top scene, our 50th anniversary.

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Christmas at Falco Construction

Christmas has always been a special time at Falco Construction, perhaps because of the importance of tradition, and family values to our firm. When we are doing our construction work with pile driving and foundations, we do not have an opportunity to be creative. But at Christmas, we can take a little time to be thankful for our many blessings, and to spread a little joy to our clients and associates.

The gallery of holiday cards on the left shows more than whimsical images of piledrivers and Christmas trees. We created our first custom card in 1998 (left bottom) with a view that shows our office, and our friends and family relaxing. Our 1999 card shows a bit of the New York skyline including the World Trade Center Twin Towers. The card we created for 2000 shows a country scene with workers helping to decorate a massive Christmas tree. The 2001 card was difficult, we chose a patriotic theme and included a message on the back of our card that explained why we chose to keep our logo in its traditional form, despite the tragically changed skyline of New York. Our 50th anniversary card at the top left shows what we love about New York, and how we continually work to improve and build a strong foundation for our future. Our holiday art from 2010 shows that over the years, some things stay the same, but other things keep getting better.

Take a minute to click on the images at the left, to see a little of the flavor of Falco.

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