Albion Community Arts & Culture

Albion Design created some print marketing pieces for the Albion Community Foundation with help from the Arts & Industry Council of Calhoun County. The pieces are shown below, and you can click on each one for a larger, readable view.

Brochure Design

acf bro

This brochure covers many of the distinctive cultural offerings of Albion. The cover of the brochure was compliled from over a dozen photographs, combined in such a way that they flowed together. An example is a photo of the bandshell, that flows into a mural depiction of the bandshell.

Poster Design

acf bro

The poster design makes use of photos of archetectural elements from around Albion. The overall frames were created from a window in Albion, and the trim at the top is located at the top of another building in Albion. There is a puzzle within the design with several questions to get people to look closer. The four frames represent four aspects of Albion's culture: Art, Music, Performing Arts and Programs. The images at the top of each window are icons from Albion's bandshell.


acf bro

The advertisement above was published in Scene Magazine. Each frame of the negatives shows one type of cultural destination for Albion. The tiny titles above each frame explain what the location is.

These pieces are shown on the web site towards the bottom of the page.


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