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Albion Design & Marketing has been in business since 1980, when owner Maggie LaNoue created her first greeting card depicting Albion Michigan. Maggie continues to promote Albion, and the mid-Michigan region by using the new medium of the Internet. Her goal is to feature this regions' arts, history and non-profit groups, while bringing traffic to the businesses that support the mid-Michigan Home Pages.
Learn more about the Connected Communities of Mid-Michigan.

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Personal Statement:

"I handle the advertising sales for the Mid-Michigan Home Pages. If you want a link to your web site from our business directories call or email me today!"


Ron Acton

Action Associates

Sales for the Mid-Michigan Home Pages

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Robin James

Master Indexer

Robin B. James

Editor of

Albion Historical Notebook

Mighty Mighty Michigan Links Pages


Areas of specialization:

Indexing: Back-of-the-book, online, experienced with motion and still image indexing.

Aldus, Microsoft, Op Magazine, Published Book The Cassette Mythos, CD

Librarian: Trained information gatekeeper, specialized in corporate staff information distribution strategies

Archivist: Collection development and management, specialized in multimedia collections

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Frank Passic

Albion Historian

creator of

Albion Historical Notebook


An Albion native, Frank Passic is a 1971 graduate of Albion High School and has been writing Albion history articles for over twenty years.

He has an extensive collection of Albion history archives, including Riverside Cemetery records and obituaries, family surname files, genealogies, photographs, city directories, high school yearbooks, Calhoun county plat maps, history books and other materials which he uses to help people research their Albion roots.

He is always looking for various materials to add to the collection.




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Linda LaNoue

Linda LaNoue

Vice President
Albion Design & Marketing

Linda graduated from Michigan State University in 2013 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science with a concentration in community governance and advocacy.

Linda helps with executive management and strategic planning for Albion Design and the Sustainable Cities of Mid-Michigan websites. Linda also serves as an editor of the General Guide, and administrative assistant. She helps with proofreading and provides feedback.

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Charlie LaNoue

Social Media Consultant,
Albion Design & Marketing

Charlie graduated from Albion College in 2011 with a degree in Economics and Management; Environmental Studies.

Charlie contributes Environmental planning to the Sustainable Cities of Mid-Michigan web sites, and blogging expertise. Charlie is an expert in Alternative Transportation.

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Charlie LaNoue

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